Elite Custom Gifts

Elite Custom Gifts are an impressive expression of you!  Our designers create very elegant and eye-catching designs that include top quality touches such as handcrafted satin bows, uniquely-wrapped gourmet items, and custom décor.

Specialty : These exclusive gifts are created with products that are hand-picked by our designers; each is truly one-of-a-kind! First thing’s first – we’d love hearing your ideas and theme for your special occasion. Once we fully understand your wishes, we couple our extensive experience with our artistic flair to create a design that is second-to-none. Elegance and style are united to produce memorable specialty gifts for you and your clients.
(Prices start at $300*)          
Customer Provided Products : These gifts are created with products provided by you; our customer.  There is no limit to the types of products you can include.  You provide – we produce!  Based on the theme and products, Bow on Top Creations selects a unique base (basket, box, tray, etc.), creates an impressive presentation, and finishes off with a handcrafted satin bow.  We provide everything related to the decoration and packaging of each gift.

(Prices start at $50*)

Custom Gourmet : These uniquely-designed gifts are created with gourmet items provided by Bow on Top Creations. These gifts may be used for various occasions such as “Thank you for your business,” “We always remember your birthday,” or other special events.  Orders may be placed in any quantity – from one to many!

(Prices start at $75*)

Combination : Combine the two types of gifts!  Include your company’s or your own products and combine them with Bow on Top Creations’ gourmet items.  These are impressive gifts that include your fun products such as toys, gadgets, promotional materials, etc. plus our delicious and unique gourmet items.

(Prices start at $75*)


*Prices for all Elite Custom Gifts include boxes, baskets, fillers, papers, tissue, ribbon, accessories, etc.  Shipping not included.